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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Operatic things

Today, like yesterday, I get to spend an entire 14 hr day listening to opera. For opera aficionados this is probably a dream come true. I've summed up how I feel about it in this lovely comic I created during the 14hrs of opera I was bombarded with yesterday:

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Winter? Spring? Winter? Spring? Winter?

When I left work last night, around 11pm, it was a beautiful spring night.  So warm I could probably have taken my coat off, and I certainly didn't need the winter boots and scarf I was wearing.  I'd contemplated dumping the hat and mittens out of my work bag, thinking I probably didn't need them anymore this winter.

Now, it's February here, and let me tell you that, normally, in February, it's FREEEEEEZING cold.  It's usually bitter cold, full of snow.  Lots of snow shoveling and "extreme cold" alerts.  So all this warm weather is REALLY strange. 

Not to fear though, this morning I woke up to this:

Luckily, we left our Christmas decorations up......

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How I Feel

This is about how I feel today:

Turn the lights off! It's too bright!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Adventures in Crocheting

I'm not sure it started.  It started small, it may have been because of the scarves.  I like scarves.  They're easy to knit.  Scarves accelerated into a desire to have other warm objects, socks, sweaters.  Why ARE knit sweaters SO expensive? 

Turns out it's because they're a LOT of work.  Who knew? 

Anywho,  I'd been thinking about nice warm blankets.  Speaking of hard, it is HARD to make a blanket by knitting. 

I mentioned it to friends and they tell me that crocheting is easier than knitting.  Easier eh?  Hmmm....this bears looking into....

So, I figure I need to add to my knitting repetoire, and I pick up a knitting book.  Then since they're so close by, I also pick up a crocheting book.  One needle eh?  Fabric as big or small as I'd like it to be?  I can totally do this!

I end up with a number of balls of yarn (like I don't already have yarn) and some crochet hooks, and a whole envelope of other accoutrements that I didn't already have, like stitch counters and markers.

It took a couple of tries before I managed to make a reasonable pattern, and I pulled it apart twice now because I was dropping or picking up stitches accidentally as I went, but here are the fruits of my labour so far:

It's about 3 feet wide right now, and maybe 10" long.  It should make a nice lap blanket, provided I actually have enough yarn for it.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Scripted Interviews

Scripted interviews are probably one of my least favourite things. A panel of people face you from across a table and ask you a number of questions designed to determine your character in 20 mins or less. Often the process involves a scoring system which is then used to choose the most suitable candidate. The questions often involve scenarios. While this process seems to work well for human resources folks, I often wonder what they expect from the answers...

"A customer has received the wrong order and becomes irate. What do you do?"


"An elderly man has a heart attack while waiting in line. What do you do?"


"Aliens steal the cashbox via tractor-beam. What do you do?"


Now I'm sure that for most of these types of questions (the above examples being purely hypothetical), there is a "good" answer and an "accurate" answer. The "good" answer being the one the interviewer is looking for and the "accurate" one being what you would actually do.

Case in point:

"Aliens steal the cashbox via tractorbeam. What do you do?"

Good answer:
"Aquiesce to their demands while pushing the silent alarm button under the counter. Call the manager. Wait for police. Do not disturb crime scene."

Accurate answer:
"Run screaming! Make tinfoil hat so they can't read your mind! Spend rest of life telling newsreporters that you were probed!"

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Crafting Space

Ok, so how about I promise to post "most of the time" instead of every day.  Well, sort of promise, maybe....kinda.

Enjoy some pictures of my crafting space:

Some storage.
Beautiful picturesque view of the driveway.
Work central.
He's "helping".

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