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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sidetracked wedding update!

IOur wedding rings are in!!! They turned out perfectly!  They're so wonderful that I had to rip future hubby's off of him just to get the photos!  They're titanium bands with a super special inlay, granite from our ceremony site so we can take our special day with us wherever we go!  The inlay is a black granite with little white and pink specks.  Here's another look so you can see the pink better:

The granite comes from future hubby's parents home where we're having the ceremony.  Their home is built on a solid granite cliff (zero soil!) and is our favourite place on earth.  It's such a beautiful paradise.  Unfortunately, hubby's parents have talked about selling their home.  It's a heartbreaking prospect. 

With these rings we'll be able to take this day with us always.  I could cry.

The rings were made by the most awesome couple (married 17yrs! hope that luck rubs on us a little!), Rob & Leighanne, who's shop I found on Etsy through a recommendation of a friend.  I shipped them the crushed granite and they made up the rings with it.  (They also make rings using wood, like peoples antiques!  How cool is that?).  They were so awesome to work with, I'll always be thankful.  Here's their site. 

I'll leave ya with one more photo, cuz I know how you all love the porn.  I can't stop grinning! :D

Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh Canada!

How beautiful is this country?  Seriously.  Have you looked?

I'm continuously amazed at how gorgeous it is, and to be honest, I haven't travelled out of this province more than a handful of times. 

If you haven't noticed how beautiful is, then you need to get out of the city.  I've lived in a bunch of different settings; rural, urban, suburban.  I've lived in poor areas, and rich areas.  I've lived places where there are trees, and places that haven't seen trees in decades.  I've lived where there's heavy crime, and where there's no crime.  Let me tell you this one thing, if you can't find beauty in this country, you've lived in the city too long.

Sure cities are beautiful.  They're eclectic and vibrant, full of life, monuments to civilization.  A city at night, from the water, is a jewel on fire.  Cities are full of smells and sights and people.  Cities are full of adventures, both cultural and physical.

Cities are nothing compared to the country, THIS country, OUR country.  Cities are things WE made, humans made, albeit together, and beautifully, but still made.  The land made itself.  Our country is majestic all on it's own.

Canadians have known this as a truth for centuries.  We flock in crazy droves from the city further into our great white north.  We spend hours, bumper to bumper, simply to spend a weekend surrounded by trees and lakes.  Canadians are wonderfully unique in their love of nature.  Fleeing their cities to worship their land.

So I'm begging you, this weekend, for Canada Day, FLEE your city.  Run.  Go north.  Go as far north as you dare, and immerse yourself in our land.  Remember why we're here.

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