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Monday, April 9, 2012

The birdies are out!

Can you see him?  The cardinal, in the tree, can you see him?  I went to let the dog in, and spotted him watching me from that branch. 

I heard some chirping behind me and turned to see a couple of finches on one of our feeders.

The finches were close enough to get a bunch of great pictures of them, they all kind of looked the same though....so I won't bore you with duplicates.

Back to the cardinal, tiptoeing closer.....

And just about as I was going inside another little bird landed just below the cardinal....clearly I'm going to have to get a bird identification book, because I have no idea what he is.  If you can spot him in the photo he's a little grey birdie with a white belly, just below and to the left of the cardinal.

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